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Two bare metal servers in Los Angeles

E3-1230 v2
16 GB DDR3 (Not ECC)
1 x 1 TB HDD
1 Gbps
1 IPv4
No IPv6
Debian 12.4, FreeBSD

Want to share one or both with me?

More information:

Thank you!

  • 今天早上,其中一台服务器已移回 Debian 12。因此,现在一台服务器是 FreeBSD,另一台服务器是 Debian 12。


    This morning one of these servers was moved back to Debian 12. So, now one server is FreeBSD, and the other server is Debian 12.

    Friendly greetings!

  • 你怎么弄的这么多免费服务器呀~真的好富有!

  • @chentaiyang #1 他没说免费啊,他是商家,服务器当然多

  • @丿啦灬啦啦 #2 他之前不总是说有免费机器吗

  • @chentaiyang #3
    @丿啦灬啦啦 #2

    我只是一个老家伙。 不特别。
    I am just an old guy. Not special.

    I try to be polite.

    有时提供商会为我提供免费服务器,因为我发帖很多。 我的帖子为提供商提供免费广告。
    Sometimes providers give me free servers because I post a lot. My posting gives providers free advertising.

    我为这两台服务器付费了。 每人每月 17.99 美元。
    I paid for these two servers. They are $17.99 per month each.

    They are old, but they have a fast processor and a good network at least for the USA.

    祝你有美好的一天! 最好的祝愿!
    Have a great day! Best wishes!


  • 我们似乎已经将 FreeBSD 服务器从 12.2 升级到了 14.0。 我持谨慎乐观的态度,认为一切可能都会好起来。 😃

    We seem to have upgraded the FreeBSD server from 12.2 to 14.0. I am cautiously optimistic that it might be okay. 😃

  • Google Translate:

    2024 年 2 月 11 日更新!

    现在这两台洛杉矶服务器都非常高兴地运行 FreeBSD 14.0! 当然,将服务器返回到 Debian,或者更改为 Ubuntu、Alma 或 Rocky 或其他东西是很容易的。

    这两个洛杉矶服务器原定于 2 月 26 日取消,但距离现在还有 15 天。 除了我之外没有人在使用它们。 因此,如果您想要一个安静的地方尝试一些东西,拥有像样的专用处理器和相当好的网络,那么现在可能是加入的好时机。

    感谢 @Crab 和其他人的帮助 ❤️ 我在学习如何在这些服务器上安装和更新 FreeBSD 方面获得了很多乐趣! 我希望用 FreeBSD 做更多事情。 最近几天我一直忙于 MetalVPS DE 服务器,所以我没有像我希望的那样有足够的时间去洛杉矶。

    尽管如此,我觉得我已经从我投资的资金中获得了超过全部价值的收益! 因此,如果有人想要在安静的洛杉矶专用服务器上拥有 15 天的帐户,也许我可以通过 Paypal 或 Zelle 以超便宜的价格为您提供一个。 你想付多少钱?

    除了这些洛杉矶专用服务器之外,MetalVPS 在华盛顿州和德国还有更多专用服务器。 如果您想要在其他地点开设账户,我们可以轻松设置!

    友好的问候! 😃


    My English:

    Update February 11, 2024!

    Right now both these two Los Angeles servers are very happily running FreeBSD 14.0! Of course, it would be easy to return a server to Debian, or change to Ubuntu, Alma, or Rocky, or something else.

    Both these LA servers are set to cancel on February 26, but that's still 15 days away. Nobody else but me is using them. So if you want a peaceful place to try something, with a decent, dedicated processor, and a pretty good network, now might be a great time to come aboard.

    Thanks to help from @Crab and others ❤️ I am having tons of fun learning a little about installing and updating FreeBSD on these servers! I hope to do more with FreeBSD. The last few days I have been busy on the MetalVPS DE servers, so I haven't had as much time for LA as I would have liked.

    Nevertheless, I feel like I already got way more than full value out of the funds I invested! Therefore, if anyone wants a 15 day account on a quiet LA dedicated server, maybe I could give you one for super cheap via Paypal or Zelle. How much do you want to pay?

    In addition to these LA dedicated servers, MetalVPS has more dedicated servers in Washington state and Germany. If you want accounts in additional locations, we can set them up easily!

    Friendly greetings! 😃