Rules of Promotion Category

We understand members' requirement of promotion in the forum, but chaotic and disorderly promotion will bring bad user experience to the forum. Therefore, in order to regulate the advertising & promotion behavior of the forum, the following rules of promotion category are formulated.

Basic principles of the promotion category

  • Do not post promotional posts repeatedly for the same promotional content, you can choose to comment under the old post to make it float up.
  • Do not promote GFW-related services, we do not accept such promotion, violators may be warned or banned

Whether it is required to be posted in the promotion area

  • In principle, the content of advertising posts should be posted under the promotion category, but it can also be posted in other categories according to some specific circumstances.
  • To promote your personal shopping site, or sell your products or services in bulk, you must post them under the promotion category
  • To share interesting tools, wensites and products, you can choose to post them under the daily, tech or info category
  • For the previous rule, don't worry about posting under wrong category, because if the administrator judges that it needs to be moved to the promotion category then it will be done without punishment
  • Free giving away can be published in the daily category, and advertise for your promotion post or your website is also allowed in such post.

The difference between the promotion category and other categories

  • Posts in the promotion category will not be displayed on the homepage by default, and users need to find them by clicking the promotion category.
  • Even the post exposure of the promotion category increases relatively slowly, but the upper limit still depends on the attractiveness of the promotion content itself
  • Posts published by premium members will be displayed on the homepage simultaneously, thus will obtain more traffic.

Premium Provider Member

What is premium provider member

  • Merchants can apply for identity authentication, we will verify the basic information of the merchants, and if the conditions are met, the merchants can be awarded a provider tag.
  • The service itself charges a subscription fee of $50 per year
  • After getting the tag, the merchant's promotional post can be displayed on the homepage

How to apply for premium provider member

Merchants can contact the administrator quickly by telegram (@nodeseek), or by normal email method ([email protected]).

To apply for a premium provider member, you need to provide the following information:

  • Company establishment time, main business field, official website and registered address
  • If your business is related to PAAS/IAAS, what qualifications do you own
  • If you focus on SAAS, please provide us a basic introduction
  • How many employees do you have

We will keep the merchant's private information confidential. For IDC-related businesses, necessary qualifications is required, such as IDC operating qualification license (required by Chinese companies).
If the verified information meets the requirements and subscription fee is paid, the administrator will grants you provider tag.
If the merchant is dead pool, or there is a serious reputation crisis, we have the right to withdraw the provider tag.


Is it possible to post promotional posts without provider tag?

Yes, as long as it is posted in the promotion area, no provider tag will only result in less exposure. Because it will not be displayed on the homepage, it will only be displayed in the promotion category, and users need to manually click to view it, so the number of views and exposure speed will be slower, and there are no other problems

Do you have advertisement serivce?

We do have a plan for advertising services, but we temporarily chose to postpone the plan until the forum is more mature. Merchants who are interested in our advertisements can add our contact information, and we will contact the merchants after we decide to do advertise.

Why are some promotion posts pinned to the top?

  • If some promotional products are very competitive or helpful to forum users, we will pin related posts during a short period
  • For some merchants who have in-depth cooperation with us, we may give them a friendly support
  • For merchants who have a strong demand for pinning, we accept paid pinning. Such fees have not been standardized yet, so you need to contact us and talk about it.