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LowEndTalk上的一些人注意到Virtono的网站出现了问题。从昨晚开始,他们开始在LET上发帖。Memeber @zGato总结了情况:我所有的服务器仍然运行良好。他们用来托管网站的服务器仍然在线,但端口80/443已关闭,一些PHP警告已经在他们的主页上弹出一段时间了,也许他们只是在修复它?
Hi! We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Our team spent the last hours trying to fix the problem. One of our servers, on which our website is hosted too, has some technical problems. We estimate that today all the sites hosted there will be back up and running. Thank you for understanding.

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  • 这家还是有些年头了

  • 是这家吗https://www.virtono.com/

  • 至少会回应

  • 都是一些奇怪的小商家

  • 老牌商家值得信赖,来看看人家的历史

    Virtono 起源于罗马尼亚,我们最初是一家本地托管服务提供商,通过域 cloudweb.ro 提供本地共享托管服务,现在重定向到我们当前的网站。
    2014 年,我们以 Virtono 的名义更名,并开始支持少数几个欧洲地点。至少可以说,这段旅程是鼓舞人心的,我们爬上了阶梯,我们保持着与刚开始时相同的使命,以公平的价格提供高质量。
    Virtono has its roots in Romania, we’ve started as a local hosting provider offering local shared hosting through the domain cloudweb.ro, which now redirects to our current website.

    We come from humble beginnings, and our core team is still around in the same formula as when we first started. Our team was built on years of expertise in web hosting, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, and customer support.

    We started to notice that our VPS, which we offered only as an upgrade for customers that were growing quickly, but it soon became apparent that the demand for our service was going to be far greater than we first anticipated.

    That was the first step that led us to go outside of Romania.

    In 2014 we rebranded under the name of Virtono, and we began supporting a small handful of European locations. The journey was inspiring to say the least, we climbed the ladder and we maintained the same mission as when we first started, High Quality at Fair Prices.

    Today we are present on 4 continents and over 20 locations, and across our journey, we still want to maintain the same dedication to customer satisfaction as when we started, we know that in this competitive market big brands tend to not care about their customers but to us they will always be important.

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  • @xj4hanls #6 罗马尼亚大部分都是灵车。。

  • @lalalai #7 就是3楼贴的,现在是404

  • 之前买过他家的日本线路,国际互联都惨不忍睹,不知道现在怎么样了 ac07