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Limewave真是个无赖,拿pp当挡箭牌,只字不提道歉和赔偿事宜,通篇归结于mjj. xhj030


Well, that’s not actually true. PayPal was disabled due to the spamming of orders from MJJ’s that for some reason, don’t understand that when using “CHINA CHINA CHINA CHINA” as an address, it doesn’t matter how many IP’s they try to cycle with VPN’s, they’ll never pass a fraud check. Then ticket in, then I close the ticket, then they cry the ticket was closed with no answer, never buy again on nodeseek.

With PayPal enabled, as the saying goes, gone in seconds. With PayPal removed, gone in 12 hours. Over a 3 day period only 6 units sold. The units that sold all passed a fraud check first try. No order spamming.

PayPal attracted a LOT of shit customers. There’s people on the overseas forums bragging about abusing the service and getting a full refund.

PayPal should’ve been disabled a LOT sooner on the promo plans than it was. That was my fault.
That's not true. After X (go figure it out) amount of years and after proving you exhausted all reasonable collection attempts (hence the reason the collection agency is hired in the first place), the debt can be written off against the companies income tax, in Canada.

Again, Canada doesn't burden the creditor with collection costs, that is the reasonability of the debtor. If the collection agency wants $75 up front to collect, the $75 gets paid, the balance is now $87 plus interest. This isn't fuckin rocket science.