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Design The Integrated GPU USA VPS Black Friday Offer From MetalVPS!

Hi Guys!

How are these VPS specs and pricing?


  • E3-1245 v5,

  • 1 core / 2 thread shared or 1 dedicated thread,

  • Maximum 8 Neighbors per Node,

  • iGPU passthrough,

  • 8 GB DDR 4 ECC RAM,

  • 462 GB RAID-10 pure SSD disk,

  • NAT IPv4, IPv6/64, and

  • 1 Gbps unmetered.

  • Location: Liberty Lake, WA, USA 🗽


Our extremely premium and cool US Provider utterly demolished @Not_Oles' beloved Redacted by offering the E3-1245 v5, 64 GB ECC DDR4 RAM, 4 x 2 TB SSD, 1 Gbps unlimited server free for the first year!!! The renewal date is November 8, 2024, next year.

Since the server is free for the first year, should the VMs also be free for the first year? And then maybe free for the second year if our extremely premium and cool US Provider chooses to renew its sponsorship?

Looking forward to your feedback!



This post is not an offer. It's a question about whether you guys like the specs and pricing described above. Thanks for your help and feedback!

  • welcome, large ssd storage with 1 Gbps unmetered, good for pt torrent, mjj love it

  • Has the price not been mentioned?

  • The lower the better, but the ability of abuse also rising, since you mention that the rack is free so maybe you can set a requirement for those who wants VM, maybe a good reason to use or something...

  • is it possible totally free?

  • thx you share,mjj love free,free always best,can we get't?

  • how to get free one xhj003

  • mjj loves always free, not for first year xhj010

  • how to get it?

  • chicken too big, can not eat it.

  • 看见核显直通我就知道便宜不了。SR-IOV吗