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  • 发工单

  • 一是用满三个月,二是直接季付直接升

  • 阿这,评论又分两派了 xhj011

  • 实践出真知😊

  • 用满3个月(90天,不是付款3次),季付


  • https://lowendtalk.com/discussion/181924/buyvm-goes-10gbit-slabs-are-back-in-stock-in-luxembourg

  • 是自动升级的我之前发工单问过

  • Fear not crypto & alipay users!Even if you aren't premier, your services will automatically upgrade to 10Gbit after being active for 90 days. The port upgrade job will be run sometime in the next 24 hours, bringing all qualifying services up to burstable 10Gbit!

    这意思是加密货币和支付宝用户被排除吗?(Fear not crypto & alipay users!)

  • 原本的回复:

    很抱歉误导了大家 ac07


    *****Merry Christmas from BuyVM! More features are on the way!*****
    Hello XXXX,
    We wanted to start by wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays, and a 
    prosperous New Years!
    2022 has been an overall good year for BuyVM and we wanted to share some of the upcoming changes
    & improvements for 2023 – at no additional cost or price hike!
    *****We’ve bumped our global network capacity by 500%!*****
    The 2nd half of this year was us focusing on network upgrades by increasing our global network 
    capacity by ~500%. This has helped us address congestion issues we had in Las Vegas & New York.
    *****Burstable 10Gbit for all qualifying services!*****
    As an added bonus, If you’re a premier user, or your service has been active for at least 90 
    days, you’ll now qualify for a network connectivity upgrade from 1Gbit -> 10Gbit burstable. This
    upgrade happens automatically without a reboot or support ticket. Neat.
    *****Route smaller blocks via BGP, on-the-fly change your outbound route!*****
    We’re working to interlink our locations, allowing users to be able to announce a /24 (for 
    instance) over BGP, and then announce smaller blocks (even a single IP) in another BuyVM 
    location, and it will interlink/cross over.  Perfect for VPN companies that want a smaller block 
    in each DC! 
    You’ll soon be able to control what ISP (basically Cogent or HE) your VPS takes for outbound 
    traffic, on the fly. This will be done via a setting in Stallion, or by setting DSCP with your 
    *****Private LAN’s that span the world!*****
    You’ll soon be able to create as many private LAN’s as you want, and connect as many as you 
    want to a single instance. Want only 2 of your VM’s to have a specific private LAN? No problem.
    Want a big ‘head end’ node that’s plugged into ALL of your private LAN’s, so you can use it 
    as a router/VPN entry point? Go for it.
    Private LAN’s will soon span the globe, meaning a VM in Las Vegas can talk over its private LAN
    to a VM in Luxembourg. No longer do you need to use TINC or a mesh of Wireguard’s.
    *****CPU upgrades from AMD Ryzen 3900X to AMD Ryzen 5900X!*****
    Earlier this year we deployed some Ryzen 5900X based nodes, and they’re awesome. So awesome 
    we’ve decided we’re going ahead with upgrading all nodes from 3900X -> 5900X over the coming 
    year! We’ll start with Vegas and head east from there. 
    As always, we thank you for your patronage.
    From our family to yours,
  • 我九月2号买的 现在测还是1G口 可能还要下个月才是吧