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接上上贴 甲骨文给我打电话了/发邮件

刚刚接了个甲骨文的电话,问了一堆问题 然后发了封邮件给我

Thank you for your time over the phone.
It was nice talking to you.
Understand that you are interested in Oracle Cloud Solution. Before we proceed, I would like to understand better on your inquiry by asking you some of the questions below. By having these requirements, we can check with our sales team and to provide you the best solution for your company.
May I have your company details please?
Company legal entity name:
Company address:
Company website:
May I know the solution will be purchased in Hong Kong or China?
Is this solution for your company use?
Do you have any existing Cloud service? If yes, from what provider and what is your existing set up (instance)?
If none, what is your current on premise environment?
              What server make and model are you using?
              What OS:
              What database:
              Is it used in production/UAT:
              Any VM used:
              Applications used like ERP, HR, Mobile app (is it mission critical):
What is your current work load?
What made you look into Cloud, any challenges you wish to address in your current environment?
What improvement are you looking for?
When do you plan to move to cloud and target Go Live date?
Are you one of the decision makers on the project?
What is your role/position in your company?
Aside from Oracle, who are the other cloud vendors who gave you a quote/demo?

应该怎么回复 才能最大可能白嫖账号 xhj015

  • 胜利就在眼前 xhj001

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  • 这步我已经走过了,接下来他就让我自己去注册,可能是吹的牛不够大 ac01 ac01 ac01

  • 你试试尽可能把自己的公司吹的🐂b

  • 你说你在搞ai这块 需求比较大 xhj003

  • @aom233 #3 你没让他发白名单链接给你注册嘛 ac01

  • @Menglei #6 他让我自己注册,然后我说注册不了,他让我联系oracle那个帮助邮箱 xhj002 xhj032

  • @dmhy #5 说我是openai? xhj016

  • @node--seek #8 mjjai xhj006