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  • 无解吧

  • x.com 给叔叔发私信

  • 看DC,欧洲那边人上人跟客服说说有可能,新加坡就没必要了

  • 发email,但是几乎不可能解封

  • @1024 #2
    给Telegram Messenger这个私信吗 xhj006 ,好像不能私信他

  • 发邮件申诉吧

  • @jian #6
    I'm trying to use my mobile phone number:
    But Telegram says it's banned. Please help.
    这种模板,还是自己写一封 xhj006

  • @duckduckgo #7
    Please recover my telegram account

    Dear Telegram Support Team,
    I am writing to appeal the recent ban on my Telegram account. I understand that my account has been blocked for violating the terms of service, but I would like to explain the circumstances surrounding this situation.
    I can assure you that my actions were not intentional and I did not have any malicious intent. I understand the importance of following the rules and regulations set by Telegram, and I regret any actions that may have led to my account being banned.
    I would be grateful if you could consider lifting the ban on my account. I have a strong passion for using Telegram and I have used it for many years to communicate with friends and family. Losing access to my account would have a significant impact on my daily life.
    Thank you for taking the time to consider my appeal. I look forward to hearing back from you and hopefully having my account reinstated.

    My mobile number is xxxx


  • https://telegra.ph/Telegram此号码已被封禁快速解封的方法老号被封申诉方案-02-01

    上面这个通过率蛮高的 全选复制打开 包括文字数字

  • @lmone111 #9

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