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Hello NextArray Family,

Some of you have been made aware of the recent change in management structure here at NextArray. If you are not then I want to be the first to let you know that NextArray has now been acquired by BreezeTech Holdings Corp. BreezeTech operates several successful brands such as BreezeHost.io and SnowsideHosting.com. The previous leadership and operations team is no longer any part of NextArray operations and we are starting with a clean slate with our own team.

It is important for every NextArray customer to read through this email in its entirety to understand how these following changes may impact you/your service.

Press Release: https://my.breezehost.io/announcements/5/BreezeHost-acquires-NextArray.com.html

Questions? Email: [email protected]

BreezeTech prides itself on Superior support and keeping the lines of communication open. We will NEVER send you canned messages on a ticket. We use real humans with real problem solving permissions. We offer ticket, phone, live chat, and discord support.

We wanted to send out this mass email to update you on our current progress to this change over and keep everyone aware of upcoming changes. We are working DAILY with the various Data Center partners to complete the contract updates and switch over to give us and our team physical access to the hardware. This process is moving at a snail's pace due to many factors such as corporate lawyers, past issues with the contract terms and rights, and many other hurdles we are crossing one by one.

For Customers on PayPal Subscriptions: It is imperative that you immediately CANCEL any PayPal subscription you have set up. If you do not cancel these the billing system WILL NOT recognize the payment, and we will not honor it. For information on how to cancel PayPal subscriptions, please visit here: https://my.breezehost.io/knowledgebase/11/Cancel-Paypal-Subscriptions.html

Customers that currently have VPS servers are suggested to backup your data and migrate to another service as soon as possible. Please make sure to CANCEL any and all PayPal subscriptions you have active as we do not have control to mass cancel these. Unfortunately after careful review, the Executive team has decided to stop offering VPS’s under this brand. If your VPS still has connectivity, we strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to backup/migrate your services elsewhere. NextArray will no longer be offering VPS services for sale and new sales have already been disabled. We will be following up shortly with more information to current customers. We do invite anyone to visit our other brand https://www.breezehost.io and check out the VPS offerings if you need a new home with proven stability.

As of right now, the deadline for VPS’s to be migrated off the NextArray network is one week from today, September 16th.

Dedicated Servers:
We are awaiting final access to be granted to these units from our data center partners. The plan here is we will be migrating the dedicated customers over to the BreezeHost.io brand. This will entail you accessing a new site for billing and Control Panel to manage your server. Your hardware will remain the same and no data will be lost/compromised. You can expect more information will be going out on an individual basis when your account is created and your server is added into the new system. At the current time there are no plans for an increase in pricing or a change in renewal dates. We are going to do everything we can to keep your IP assignments the same, however there will be some consolidation of IP ranges so please be prepared for a possible change. We will notify you with a carry over period to give you time to change those and will be offering tech assistance to update as needed on a one on one basis.

Please note that BreezeHost does not, by default, accept PayPal for new orders and will be enabled on a user by user basis with identity verification. Please contact BreezeHost.io support for this.


At this time, we have many of you who have pending orders and pending remote hands requests. We are working diligently to get access into these facilities to handle the abundance of requests that have been on hold for over a month now. Members of our Executive team have reached out to most of you to detail the steps we are taking. This is a top priority for us right now to get access back into the facilities. We are fully aware that access has been restricted for roughly the last month to each of the NextArray data center facilities. This process will take a little bit longer, as we continue to work through the legal challenges of the prior ownership of NextArray.

Location Specific Alerts Under Investigation:
Portland, OR: Specifically, we are seeing a large number of VPS’s that are offline. Any VPS or server that starts with 192.177.65.xxx is currently impacted. A cause has been identified, and our team is working to reach resolution.

Tampa, FL: We are aware of similar issues within the network in Tampa as Portland, OR.

Final Thoughts from our Executive Team: We appreciate each and every customer of NextArray. Our primary focus right now is to increase customer experience, solidify our network, and finalize agreement change overs with our datacenter partners. We understand that most of you have received much less than acceptable levels of service, and we are committed to correcting that immediately.

Once the dust has settled, and there's lots of dust, you can expect a completely different experience where we are dedicated to our customers and not filled with empty promises, weeks of canned replies with zero resolution or care for the customer. It saddens the BreezeTech Executive team to see that this has gone on for so long and not how we do business. As of today, everything changes. We are here to support you and be a spoke in your future success.

We appreciate everything you do and hope to regain your trust soon!

BreezeTech Executive Team

Ryan Wilson Jon Beard

Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating Officer
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